Wednesday, August 8, 2007

three more days of outdoor riding

Things are feeling much better, thank you. Well, the shoulder is feeling much better. The fitness... Well, we'll see.

Sunday I had a nice 2.5 hour ride on the streets of Philadelphia. The shoulder didn't really start to ache like it did last Friday. There's still plenty of muscle soreness, and some things I just can't do--put my left hand out to signal a left-hand turn, for instance. Tuesday, I got in a little intensity before heading to the park with the team to hang with the cops and firefighters for National Night Out. The shoulder felt fine. I even got out of the saddle a few times, tentatively, without pain.

Tonight, two minute intervals--two minutes at 350 watts, two minutes as easy as possible--up the +/- five-mile climb to South Mountain. The pain that effort induced had nothing to do with the shoulder.

Tomorrow, I've my follow-up doctor visit. After I get my new X-ray I'll try to get before/after pictures up and that will hopefully be the last you'll hear of this silly break and recovery.


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