Thursday, August 16, 2007

handlebar update

I had several suggestions on the handlebars.

Easton EC70
Easton EA70
3ttt Morphe
Bontrager Select
Bontrager Race Lite OS

And I went with none of them.

The Eastons as well as the Race Lite OS would have required a new stem. The 3ttt was intriguing, but I wasn't sure about the funky swing-back top section. I'm not sure the advantage, as it seems to be effectively decreasing the length of your stem a centimeter or two, in which case, why not decrease the length of your stem? The Bontrager Selects would have worked fine, but I had already ordered my handlebars by the time that suggestion came rolling in.

So which handlebars did I end up with? The Ritchey Logic.

And at 210g (size 42) I think it beats out any other suggestions on weight. I guess I get to eat the Hershey bars myself.

Thanks to Mark, Marshall, and Gary for your suggestions.

Anyway, I installed the bars this morning. Preliminary tests (a few minutes on the trainer) suggest much improved in-the-drops riding comfort and control.

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