Friday, August 3, 2007

outdoor riding...ugh!

Made it outside today. Twenty-six days after the break. I've lost all my form.

It felt really great to make it outside, and it felt really great to ride 90 minutes and feel relatively comfortable (at about an hour my shoulder started to ache a little, so I packed it in from there). But it did not feel particularly great to be working so hard and going so slow.

Granted, I've put in some hard time on the trainer this week, and I've been lifting weights steadily for the past three weeks (squats, lung-squats, though without much weight--mostly a lot of reps), and some of the fatigue I felt today could be from all that. Though, still, I didn't feel so froggy. And that's disappointing.


UtRider said...

Your form will come back faster than a doped Chicken can climb to the yellow jersey.

The accumulated fitness resulting from 8+ months of training doesn't go away in 4 weeks...

Does your doctor know that you're riding outdoors?!

MTN said...

Lifting weights? Really?