Monday, August 20, 2007

family management

Mark pushed me over to the Fat Cyclist's description of what he calls The Alpine Gauntlet. It was a fun, nostalgic read, because I've ridden those roads myself (with the exception of the Cascade Springs and Granite Flat spurs) and because the loop wraps around many of my old skiing haunts--South Fork, Primrose Cirque, the west face of Timp (down into Orem), Timp's north peak, and of course Sundance). But it was also worthwhile for this little gem near the end:

"I coasted the final two downhill blocks to my house, wrote down my final stats and steeled myself for what I knew would be the hardest challenge of the day: acting like I was fine and ready to go on a picnic, or to the park, or wherever else my wife wanted to go for the rest of the day, when in reality all I wanted to do was lay very, very still."

Exactly my predicament after every Saturday's long ride. Though often I'm not so good at acting. I wonder if fatty is.


KingM said...

I've found my wife surprisingly unsympathetic when I return from six hours of skiing and just want to sit nursing my sore muscles on the couch instead of doing my duty with the kids.

Go figure.

vfg said...

on the couch he loves to be

vfg said...

oh, and currently is...

though dishes & Parcheesi did factor into the day, too.