Monday, June 30, 2008

tour of pennsylvania

I invited the neighborhood kids over and armed them with noise-makers in preparation for stage three of the Tour of Pennsylvania, which came down from Camp Hill on US11 right past our house.

We made noise.

Then I piled my girls and two friends into the car and we headed for the second KOM, just off the turnpike about 25 miles this side of Bedford.

We made more noise.

We also tried to get noticed. But no one seemed to care much that we were there (two thumbs down to the douchebags in the Slipstream car), though late in the caravan someone tossed the girls a couple of water bottles. Which was cool.

Anyway, we tried to get noticed. But not as hard as this guy.

I thought of dressing up, but I have to tell you I would have never thought of dressing like that... Nice. Really nice.

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