Wednesday, June 4, 2008


On Sunday, my Philadelphia wanderings finally landed me at "the wall." I'd been riding right past it for weeks, but thanks to Johann and, later, some dude sitting on the curb of Main Street sipping a cup 'o joe in his fancy kit, I was able to pin-point it's location.

This coming Sunday, you'll get to see a bit of racing up the wall (and maybe this, but of course in different colors) if you're paying attention to this (but you won't likely see this).

According to some dude's estimate, "the overall grade of the Manayunk Wall is [about] 10%. There are intervals when the grade is 17%. In one 150 yard stretch, there is even an 18.5% grade."

Anyway... It was fun riding up it a couple of times. It's really not that bad--there's just one stretch, comprising about a city block, which is really steep. But it's nothing like I remember Horizon Drive in Boise. Somebody should run a race up that sucker.

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