Monday, June 9, 2008

I need pictures!

But I don't have any. Posts without pictures are boring.

Saturday I trotted on down to Northern Virgina for a double header (30+ & cat 3) at Ride Sally Ride. Twenty miles each. Thirty laps each. It was hot (my car said 103).

I didn't finish well in either event (field finishes), but I rode aggressive, found myself in a few breaks, and made a valiant effort at third (there was a two-man break waay off the front) in the 30+ race in the final laps. With about five to go a guy went solo off the front. I bridged up. Caught my breath on his wheel for a lap (he was riding strong), then took a pull and he immediately fell off the pace. Had we stayed together it might have worked. As it was, I was caught with about 1.5km to go.

Did I say it was hot? At the end of both races I felt myself getting chilled and even starting to shiver a bit. Probably not such a good thing.

The new bike performed wonderfully. It really is a vast improvement over the old ride.

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