Wednesday, June 11, 2008


See, I don't get this stuff.

Belgium Knee Warmers gives this awesome review (and, later, this one) of a Neuvation wheelset and, it would seem, those commenting who have the wheels agree--quality wheels cheap.

My own experience has been less than positive.

I bought a pair of the R28 SLs a little over two years ago. John gives (or gave) deals to group buyers, so I hustled up some of my Vandy buddies and we bought four or five wheelsets.

My wheels are light--no complaint there--but I have not been impressed with how they ride. Compared at first to a old pair of Bontrager Race Lites, and more recently to my Bontrager Race X Lite Aeros, they feel spongy in a sprint, they provide less confidence in a high speed decent, and--most annoying--after just a few hundred miles the rear hub began making the strangest noise at high torque (i.e. climbing).

I've had both wheels trued and tensioned several times and the rear hub serviced--the wheels still feel spongy and the rear hub still makes that horrible noise.

None of this matters so much, I suppose. They serve their current purpose as backups fine. But I would so like them to be all Mr. Neugent claims they are, and that others--like BKW--has found them to be...because, I mean, that'd be a great deal. I'd buy more (like the C50s in the second review). I'd recommend them to my cash-strapped students. Et cetera.

Oh well...


ehyde said...

No complaints about the C38 and I have used them for road and cross racing... but they aren't really one of Neuvation's budget wheel sets. I have heard of a lot of issues with most of the alloy lineup and I was very surprised to see the BKW review.

Anonymous said...

I got thte R28 Aero with ceramic bearings and ended up with a lot of lateral play with the hubs.

Anonymous said...