Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's a post-race tradition amongst cyclists to scour the pipes in the days following the races and find pictures of their studly selves. What can I say, I'm a traditionalist.

(I'm also WAY too serious looking in these. You see other people smiling or making faces for the camera. Me? It's as if the whole world depends on the important work I'm doing here.)

This shot in particular really gets to me. You'd think I was staring down Satan himself...or that death lies at the bottom of whatever I'm dropping into.


I mean, looking at that picture, right now, I'm a little scared of that dude. Somebody needs to lighten up and enjoy the ride. Either that or flash my murderous stare at the other riders to yield some sort of advantage...

1 comment:

cfm said...

I think you look studly & serious. I wouldn't want to get in your way though!