Sunday, September 27, 2009

not a whirlybird cross race report

Well, not really a race report. I lost. Eleventh of I think 68 (senior B). I expected a top 10. Hoped for better. So, a bit disappointing. That's the extent of my report.

Oh, one more thing. It was my first event with my new single-ring crank setup. Though I think it will be most advantageous in muddy conditions, after one (really dry) race I'm already digging it. Also digging the Dura-Ace crank (previously running the FSA SLK that came stock). Who knows if these things are psychological or whatever, but I swear that crank is faster. On my first ride with the setup last week it felt SO much better than the SLK. Really.

Sean Davies came to play for the weekend. He took this picture.

I'm not usually a fan of the barrier-running shots, but I like this one. Also a nice shot of the crank. Thanks, Sean.

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