Saturday, March 7, 2009

spring break training camp


Cold. Road ride. Three hours. Around 3,000 feet of climbing. Alex and Beth for company.


Warmer. MTB ride. Two hours. Around 2000 feet of climbing. Solo effort. Earlier in the day, a few hours of skiing.


Crazy warm (had to shed both the knee and arm warmers). Road ride. Two hours. About 1,500 feet of climbing. Big E for company.


Crazy warm (again shed the warmers). Road ride. Four hours. Around 5,000 feet of climbing. Moats, Big E, and Devon tagging along.


The change of weather has been my soul's delight. It takes spring to realize how depressing winter can be.

(And though I've ridden without leg covering the past two days, I haven't gotten around to the spring leg hair harvest. At 30mph+ the wind feels so strange whipping through my beaver pelt of hair. Hairless legs = good.)


Sobering news. A friend of a friend killed on his bike. A semi-truck passing caught his saddlebag, apparently whipping his bike out from under him and throwing him under the wheels.

Truly awful.

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Anonymous said...

It angers me that the news report subtly tries to remove blame from the truck driver.

"The saddle bag caught the rear of the truck" if the saddle bag reached out and caught the truck. Why can't they say it like it is..."The rear bumper of the truck caught the saddle bags on the bike as the truck passed too close to the cyclist, pulling the bike out from underneath the cyclist."

And the driver couldn't see the cyclist in front of him before he passed, but could see him lying in the road in his rear view mirror? Yea, right...