Tuesday, March 24, 2009

competitive pleasure

I found an old pic from an old race.

The Sandy Springs Crit, from 2006. In an early four-man break, that was whittled to two. I attacked with two laps to go, lapped the field, attacked out of the field again, and came across the line for the solo win. Pleasure.

I rediscovered competitive cycling in 2005 (see photo below, with show-off MacBeth keeping pace on the group ride with his mtb), but didn't rediscover its pleasure until I'd built enough fitness to really race. '06 was a fun year.

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Cody said...

That first one is a Sweet picture. I wish I had the legs to stay in the lead pack let alone a break away that lapped the field! Congrats. Very close and head on shot like that, was it taken from the lead car/moto?

Ps. Forgot to tell you, at the Deleware Crit., the lead motorcycle crashed during the Women's Race. It was nasty, like broken collar bone nasty.