Friday, January 23, 2009

mtb - pics!

Ok, Marky. I've finally got some pics for you.

Played a little bike-fix-it today. New wheels. So I (finally) installed a rear disc brake! But, more importantly, getting that mangled old rear wheel off the bike means that I have rear brakes. This is a good thing.

I also got creative (not really) and hacked off a centimeter of handlebar from both ends. (I found I wasn't using why have it?) Also, wrapped my bars with new tape. (I don't understand why mountain bikers don't use handlebar tape. So comfy. Bar grips just seem so...I don't know...fourth grade?)

The other day I got three flats, each less than a couple of miles after the last. I thought the culprit was my dinged up rim. Rather, I discovered today, one of my super-cool green tires was ripping apart at the seems. I'm so sad.

So now I'm sporting the super-ghetto two-tire, two-color look. I suppose I could have completed the look with rubber bar grips (har, har).

Seriously, though, since I don't know where I can buy these tires anymore, I'm very, very disappointed. I guess it's back to boring ole black.

Now to find a file tread 26" mtb tire with aggressive cornering knobs. Any ideas?


UtRider said...

Check out the Maxxis Oriflame (sp?)

Eric said...

do you have tubless or tubbies. If so we have a bunch of maxxis tires for tubbie that could keep you going all summer. heck you can have them for just being a goate

kg said...

Boring black -- who cares when it's caked with mud or dust (seasonal). Yea, color is fun, but don't buy tires yet. EG