Wednesday, January 7, 2009

easy carelessness

I ran into these two short films from Jeff Scher:

You Won't Remember This (2:21)

You Won't Remember This Either (1:45)

I like the second one best. A fuzzy little vision into the not-so-distant future.

I also like this, from Scher's introduction of the second film:

When toddlers are first walking, their every step is filled with suspense, and the exercise soon degenerates into a vaudeville act worthy of a Borscht Belt drum roll.... Toddlers toddling in their never-ending battle with gravity is a comic ballet...


Though I'm also moved by the observation that 50 percent of the behaviors caricatured in that second film I associate with "boy." The easy carelessness. The oblivious disregard of consequence in every muscle movement. These are attitudes of which I am unaccustomed with my girls.

Sometimes I worry I won't much like my small male human.

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