Thursday, October 18, 2007

what makes sense is riding

Yesterday afternoon I spent three hours riding this route. Forty-three miles, 22 of which was on dirt road. I'd say 3,000-4,000 feet of climbing. A really, really delightful ride. I love my new bike.

And speaking of loving my new bike... I have never felt so comfortable descending, on the road, as I do on my Specialized. I feel so much safer and more secure. My Fetish isn't bad, but for some reason I'm almost always nervous descending with any speed. It just seems less stable in the front end, whereas my cross bike feels like riding on rails.

I suppose those who know what I'm talking about will know what I'm talking about and those who don't just won't, but I mention this all just to say that my Specialized is winning me over. Perhaps there will be one of these in my future.


UtRider said...

Glad to read that you made it out for a ride yesterday. Nothing clears the head better than a few hours on the bike.

Which model Tarmac would you choose? Do you know if Specialized will spec any with SRAM Red in '08? That would be sweet.

goat said...

I don't see one advertised with SRAM Red, though I do agree that would be fun.

The Specialized website is frustrating because it does little to explain the difference between its frames. If you look at the Tarmacs, for instance, you can see that the SL sports a "S-Works FACT 10r carbon frame", while the Expert has a "Specialized FACT 8r carbon frame," but who knows the difference? The website doesn't explain.