Sunday, October 21, 2007


Drove to Delaware Saturday for the big UCI C1 Granogue Cross. You can read a CyclingNews write-up on the elite races here and a VeloNews write-up here. I entered the B field, and I didn't win. In fact, I didn't even come close, finishing 28th of about 85. I was disappointed, but doubly so because by the time I finished I had convinced myself I was in the top 20, maybe around 15th. Fortunately, I think I only told two people (sorry Johann and Mark) I did that well, but still embarrassing.

The race unfolded as is now to be expected. I staged on the last row (staging was done by order registered), started out not as fast as I would have liked, and then spent the rest of the race picking off riders by ones and twos.

The course was amazing. A lot of elevation and terrain change. We went from paved road to a wooded dirt trail which gave way to farm-mowed grass, back to pavement, more dirt/mud... It was a really cool course.

I stayed around for a bit afterwards to watch the elite women. There are better pics here, but I took some too--a warning: lens auto-focus broken.

This part of the course was so sketchy and crowded the first time around that some riders decided to dismount and just run the course. On the downhills I probably brake-checked every time down. I've got to work on that.


Kerry Barnholt (eventual winner--she was in the front, by herself, all day) tackling the run-up.

Another runner.

Others chose to push.

Another pusher.

Kerry Barnholt, your winner.

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