Wednesday, October 17, 2007

life is too complicated

I just spent the morning getting my car inspected, arguing a traffic citation with a judge, paying bills, retrieving a user name and password for a rarely used credit card, disputing charges on same credit card (unsuccessfully) with a customer service person, disputing charges (successfully) on my Comcast bill with another customer service person, arguing with Comcast tech support over whose fault it is that my new Comcast Digital Voice doesn't work as promised and who's going to pay to fix it, and paying numerous bills the charges on which I can't contest, but feel no better about them for it.


Too. Complicated.

The sham of it all has put me in the foulest of moods.


UtRider said...

How's the weather?

Micah said...

Inspection finally catch up with you? What's the risk/benefit analysis of the whole thing look like after the fact?

goat said...

Other car.

The Honda is still delightfully illegal.