Monday, January 8, 2007

saturday sunshine

On Saturday, I rode with a group leaving from Chambersburg. Cue sheet to get there:

The two key words for the day: warm and windy. It took me 51 minutes to ride the 13.5 miles to Chambersburg...averaging 16 mph and 216 watts! (That means that it was crazy windy.) Here's the proof:

After that the ride was nice.

Opting to climb rather than battle the wind, we rode with the breeze some 25 miles north-northeast, then cut over the mountains and came the same distance back but sheltered by the the mountain ridge and the tall pines. Still windy, but nothing like it was in the valley. And did I mention the temperature? Low 60s with off-again-on-again sunshine. A delightful springtime the dead of winter.

Say hi to the group:

Anyway, 78 miles in 4:25. A successful Saturday is a 4+ hr ride.


ehyde said...

come on goates, I am all about sharing, but a cue sheet on the top tube AND a power meter picture?!?!? What are you trying to do?

goat said...

You're my inspiration, e-boy. :-)