Monday, January 29, 2007

the deed is done

It's something of a personal ritual; a kind of commitment ceremony.

Every year I hesitate, and wait, and balk, and delay. I generally run through a laundry list of 'what ifs' and put it off until the last possible moment. Not this year.

This year I did it in January. A new personal record.

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vandyman said...

For me every year "the deed" is buying new running shoes. I always know its time, but I always put it off until I get that January injury that tells me my midsoles are long past their expiration date. Right now my achilles tendon is killing me, so I finally bought the new balance red and grey 767's to replace the old reliable 766's that some genius in the ad department apparently decided needed updating. Nice shoes though, and they will match my old college colors very fashionably until they get dirty.