Monday, January 29, 2007


At least for riding it's depressing. I may have to shift my training focus from the bike to skis.

In fact, that reminds me of one of my great fantasies. I've done a bit of skiing--telemark, backcountry skiing--and I've done plenty of long approaches, but always by foot, ski, or some combination thereof...never by bike. So how cool would it be to begin your approach from your house, on your bike, ride however far over and up to where you dismount, slap on your climbing skins, then continue your approach on skis?

How cool? Very cool.

There's not enough snow around here to do any real backcountry work, but there are resort hills to be poached. There's one about 20 miles from my house. If it's not too windy (riding a bike with a big ole pack and skis strapped on in the wind might very well spell death), I may give it a try this week. Care to join me?


ehyde said...

here you go:

goat said...

That guy is pretty cool, but come far as the skis, he's only riding with some super lightweight XC gear.

My setup would be a bit more serious, and a whole lot heavier. The purpose would be to actually make some turns, not just slip-slide along the road.