Tuesday, May 20, 2014

a letter to crankbrothers*


So I have a lovely pair of Candy pedals that I bought last August.  Used them a little for cross.  Did some mountain bike riding on them.  Used them on the road a bit this winter when my road bike was under the weather.  Maybe 1000 miles all told.  Maybe.

And now they're shot.  Right pedal.  Seized right up.

I took them to my LBS and we ripped them apart together, to see if there was anything to be done.  There's not.  Those little pin bearings in there?  Melted.  Half of them anyway.  Melted right into the pedal body (the outer part).  Spindle seems ok.  I tried to take pictures, but it's hard to see...

Anyway, I haven't had these pedals all that long.  It doesn't seem like they should fail with 1000 miles and less than a year's use.  I don't believe I have any proof of purchase, but I'm pretty sure I bought them with one of your pedal trade-in deals last summer.  Maybe you can look up my name to verify.  I don't know.

I don't know about a lot of stuff.  But I know I like your pedals.  I don't know why...  This isn't the first time a CB pedal has failed on me too soon.  And no CB pedal I've had has lasted long enough.  I've tried other pedals, but I just don't like them as much.  Yours clear mud so well.  And I can clip in so easily, even under distress.  So I keep coming back to CB.  And I so want to love your pedals...but then...things like this...

Can I trade in these pedals for new ones?  Maybe just at cost or something?  Maybe I can get a couple pair at cost.  I feel like I need a backup pair.  Actually, I have a couple of back-up pairs.  Eggbeaters.  And that's what I'm riding now.  But these CB pedals...they're really only _really awesome_ for a while.  And then they kind of just wear...and they're still rideable, but I don't get a solid contact anymore.  So I build up the sides of the pedals with tape and stuff (I tried your plastic spacers, but those are crap).  That makes them last a bit longer.  But then the springs just get loose or something and they don't really work the same.  So I really need new ones.  A sort of endless supply of inexpensive new ones.  But I'd settle for one pair.  To replace this pair.  The bearings of one of which reached an untimely end...


* The actual text of the letter I sent Crankbrothers today.

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