Thursday, March 4, 2010

ok go

So, am I the last to encounter this bit of awesomeness?

(Facebookers, yer gonna have to visit the blog to see the vid.)

And then there's this too (embedding disabled, for reasons that are not clear).


Ok Go is cool.


This might sound all elitist or hateful, but I promise that's not my intention. It's just that when your belly sags to your top tube, all your bragging about the "hard-core ripping" you do on your mountain bike just doesn't really work. I mean, I love that you love to ride. Nothing makes my heart sing like seeing people who most need a little exercise doing it, but come on, who do you think you're fooling? You're not beating my 11 year-old daughter to the end of the block, much less "ripping" the singletrack around here. Except down. (I'll give the benefit of the doubt when you're traveling the same direction as gravity's pulling.)


Spring break training camp next week. Shippensburg style. I've four days of 3-5 hour rides planned. Who's in?

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Kapokkid said...

boss, I would very much like to be in for those rides. Sadly our spring break is the following week.

Hopefully I will see you before too much longer though, I've actually been trying to get in shape exclusively on the bike this year...

You doing any of the 40Ks this year?