Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Quite unexpectedly, I've found I have mixed feelings about the warming weather. On the one hand, warmer weather means a beginning of oh-so-much-goodness. On the other hand, warmer weather means that the sodas I put on my office window sill just don't get quite as cool as I'd like them.

Oh yeah, and we ran out of heating oil yesterday. I suppose that's an on-the-one-hand reason to rejoice in the changing weather.


As a side note, no heating oil (the truck won't come for a couple of days) means heating the house with solar (unshaded windows), fireplace (that keeps one room warm, at least), and space heater. And I'm wearing a sweater today. I think it's kind of fun, frankly. (For a little while.)

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vfg said...

Marian (age 8) burst into tears when I told her, after talking to you on our way back from Philadelphia, that we'd be sleeping by the fire tonight. When she calmed a bit, this follow-up question:

"In a tent?"


*more tears*

I finally realized she thought we meant by the fire pit outside. In the snow.