Thursday, July 16, 2009


Do you ever find yourself running...just because walking will. just. take. too. long?

Earlier, I was heading to the basement to get a soda. About a 100 ft to the stairwell, down two flights of stairs, then about another 100 ft to the soda machine. I simply couldn't bear to walk. Soooo boooring... So I ran.

I believe I'm becoming increasing eccentric. And my self-consciousness about it is likewise decreasing. I shudder to imagine my grizzled 60 year-old self.



MTN said...

The week I received my Carta Azul in Brazil, my inspired ZL took me on a division for the week, and we literally ran everywhere we went. If we ever realized we were not running, we would say, "hey, we're not running" and then tuck our bolsas under our arms and start running again. It rained most of the week. We worked our bundas off and had (no exaggeration) 15 people sign up for baptism during that week, only to have every single one of them drop out by the end of the week. It was an exhilarating week that I'll never forget. Why don't more people run?

Oh, another: I was working as a cart-fetcher at Costco. We had a brand new floor manager who transferred in from Seattle. He pulled me aside and asked if I was feeling okay. "Fine, why?" He said, "You just seem slow today." I ran - raced, really, the rest of my shift. Ran like mad. Ran like hell. Ran like OJ. Then I went home and phoned in my resignation. Running is bad for the knees, good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

At least you are not running to the elevator to take you to the basement for your soda.