Tuesday, May 12, 2009


With cautious optimism, blooming from the soil of sorrow, as it were, I just sent the following email:

Dear Calfee Design,

From the information on your website (and the recent mention on VeloNews.com), it appears that you’ll have no trouble fixing my frame. However, I was hoping you could give me a ballpark estimate on cost and time before I send it in.

My ’08 Specialized Tarmac SL2 has two cracks/damage points. Both are consequences of a ~30mph collision with a downed rider’s back which resulted in me and my bike tumbling airborne into the bushes.

The first damaged area is about midway down the down tube on the underside. The damaged area is sort of like a crack (though it looks more caved in or wrinkled than cracked) about 1.5 – 2 inches long.

The second damaged area is about midway down a seat stay. The damage here looks more like a crack, and it spirals about 3/4 the way around the tube.

As the damage resulted from a head-on collision, I would also like my fork inspected, though my preliminary inspection (I haven’t yet looked at the steerer tube) revealed no damage.

Again, I’d like to know if (1) you can fix it, (2) how much you expect it to cost (I realize this will be a non-binding estimate), and (3) how long you expect it will be before I have my frame back in my basement and ready to ride.

Thank you very much,


I really love that bike.


In the meantime, I've drowned my sorrow in the prospect of this:
Frame only. Silver.
I've needed a solid backup racer / rain bike. This will do. Swimmingly.
When the Tarmac gets back, it may see Red.


UtRider said...

Are you still stoked on racing? Hope you're ok.

mtn said...

Your backup is my dream machine.