Thursday, May 7, 2009

grading papers...

I teach an undergraduate course in organizational behavior, a very applied survey of concepts in psychology, social-psychology, and sociology as they relate to modern organizational work life.

The first line of a student term paper I'm grading just now:

"At first glance the subject of Organizational Behavior may seem distant or unimportant to the activities of everyday life, but in fact Organizational Behavior topics can help us better understand and evaluate every day problems."

Imagine that. It turns out I am teaching something worthwhile.


UtRider said...

Either that or they're just kissing your ass. :)

goat said...

If so, they're not very good at it.

This is what they're saying: "At first I thought your class was a complete waste of time, but it turns out that maybe it wasn't."

A backhanded complement at best.

KanyonKris said...

Organizational behavior, huh? Sounds like that student has the subject mastered. He/she'll do well in corporate America.

MTN said...

From Confederacy of Dunces, Ignatius explains why he wasn't a college teacher for very long:

"The boldness of this lily-white Red-neck fundamentalist led my other students to form a committee to demand that I grade and return their accumulated essays and examinations. There was even a small demonstration outside the window of my office. It was rather dramatic. For being such simple, ignorant children, they managed it quite well. At the height of the demonstration I dumped all of the old papers - ungraded of course - out of the window and right onto the students' heads. The college was too small to accept this act of defiance against the abyss of contemporary academia.... I also told the students that for the sake of humanity I hoped that they were all sterile. I could never have possibly read over the illiteracies and misconceptions burbling from the dark minds of these students. It will be the same wherever I work."