Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ice cream: I like it

It's true. I do. A lot.

But my cravings seem to ebb and flow. And, ironically, I usually crave it much more when it's cold outside than when it's not. So I'm a winter ice cream eating man (goat). And I could really use a bit of that sweet, creamy goodness right now.

A couple of thoughts on making the most of your ice cream eating experience.

(1) In my opinion, ice cream is at it's best when it's at its coldest. Melted ice cream? Blah. So a while ago I took to keeping an empty mug in the freezer. A cold mug keeps ice cream cold longer. I'm not sure why I stopped doing this because it's a really great idea.

(2) Lately I've taken to eating my chocolate ice cream alongside my hot chocolate. I highly recommend this. A few bites of the cold chocolaty deliciousness, then a few sips of the warm chocolaty deliciousness. Mmm... But never mix the two in the same container. That would be sacrilege. Also, end the ritual with your last bite of ice cream...or you'll be headed back to the freezer for more in a minute or two.


jenn's an ice cream maker said...

I'm an ice cream all year round fan too! Never gets to cold outside for a little ice cream!

Chocolate ice cream and hot there's a good idea! I'm glad you decide to end the treat with ice cream though!

Congrats on your little goatling by the way!

kg said...

MMM, I like the cocoa and chocolate ice cream idea. I will have to experiment for my own perfect balance of hot and cold.