Monday, November 24, 2008

a bucket over my head and a marshmallow in each ear

I looked at the 10-day forecast, noticed that the temperature is expected to creep above 40 degrees a couple of days this week and I found myself excited.

Yup, this is winter, getting excited about 40-degree weather. (Of course, if it would snow and keep snowing, I'd be all for the colder temps.)

The worst of a PA winter to this son of the cold western deserts? No sun.


It was a bad football weekend. Vandy, BYU, Denver...all disappointed. And the Oklahoma-Tech game wasn't worth the price of admission, which, if you watched it on TV like I did, was free.


This song, or the mood of this song, is how I feel right now (follow the link, but ignore the stupid slide show, just listen). If someone asked me how I was I'd say mais ou menos.


Today is the first and last day of the school week for me. This is good.

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