Saturday, September 27, 2008

a view from behind (and below)

On Thursday, Marian and I went for a ride. The trailer doesn't get to ride behind the Tarmac, so I put my road wheels on the cross rig and hitched her up. We were out for about an hour and twenty minutes, easily Marian's longest ride (it's been a source of frustration to me that Marian hasn't taken to the trailer as I hoped she would).

Marian brought her camera, and these are some of her in-ride photos.

I'm pretty surprised at how good these pictures actually are. Every time I turned around to see how she was doing I saw her hand bouncing up and down as she tried to focus in on something. Plus, I ride like lightening so you have to expect the blur.

These next two pictures I didn't see her take, and I didn't prompt them at all. I guess she wanted to document the vehicle(s) she rode in.

Below, the last three pictures she took before we went inside.

The first may be my favorite shot of the trip. It's her most artsy. The second is a picture of bird's nest that the girls found somewhere and brought home and that will likely be sitting on our back porch until spring. The final shot Valerie's back-door bumper sticker.

On the ride, Marian let me know with her excited little voice every time she saw an Obama sign in a yard--and since this is south-central PA, that isn't often. But the excitement speaks to how malleable these little minds are, which is all the more reason not to vote Republican. Ever. ;-)

(In case you're wondering, her political excitement comes 100 percent from her mama, who is crazy stressed/distressed about this election. I rarely talk about anything political at home--I just can't get that worked up about it anymore--and when I do I think it's usually issue-oriented, not candidate or figure-oriented. Though I certainly could talk about candidates, if prodded.)


UtRider said...

It almost looks like you were riding without a helmet from one of Marian's pictures...

And I agree with your back door sticker. McCain and Palin are ridiculous. Country first? Drill baby drill? Pitbull with lipstick? Seriously, who comes up with that stuff?!

Elise said...

Seriously, I can't believe anyone takes either of these candidates seriously, and if the debate didn't send the message loud and clear that we are looking at the biggest lack of talent/leadership/correct direction, then we can not hope that things will get better anytime soon. We are doomed to suffer through at a minimum the next four years no matter who is elected.

The girl who took out gluten said...

I love the pictures... Mariam has such an eye. I love the picture of the yellow crocks and I think the ones of your butt are so funny!! She really captures things how they are, and there is such purity in her shots. I just love it. Good post my friend. You are a good daddy to take her riding with you. I wish more dads would take the time.