Friday, July 25, 2008

crazy conservatives

Novak plows through pedestrian.

My favorite bits:

As he traveled east on K Street, crossing 18th, Bono said "a black Corvette convertible with top closed plows into the guy. The guy is sort of splayed into the windshield.”

Novak's reaction?

“I didn’t know I hit him. ... I feel terrible."

Didn't know you hit someone when he was splayed across your windshield?


"He's not dead, that's the main thing."

Really? That he's not dead, that's the main thing? Wow.

Anyway, I love that a bicycle commuter chases him down and hangs out in front of his car (because he "keeps trying to get away. He keeps trying to go.") until the cops show up.


The McKellars said...

Maybe you are really not Dr. House, otherwise you would have predicted this,2933,392523,00.html. What are you an insensitive liberal?

goat said...

Yeah, tough week for that guy...

Perhaps the tumor (at the time of the pedestrian accident unknown) caused impairment...such that he didn't notice the dude "splayed" across his windshield.

Anyway, tumors are never good news...