Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yesterday, July 16th at 8:35pm, I sent an email containing the following text:

Predictions for the remainder of the tour:

Look for Frank Shleck to clean house in the mountains next week.... Look for Ricco to test positive...for something...[and] get booted.... And look for Valverde to take out another big stage win, even if he remains a non-factor in the GC.

Not twelve hours later and I'm one for three.

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Josh said...

I definitely saw the Ricco thing coming as well. I don't think Evans will be holding the yellow jersey after a few days in the alps. We'll see how much time he has to make up on the final TT. I think it might be like Landis where he has to kill it in the final TT to get the yellow jersey in Paris.