Saturday, January 19, 2008

the mountain roads are iced over again; time to go mountain biking

Had a nice long 4+ hour mountain ride today. It seems like I ought to be able to crank out four hours without even blinking. The last hour or so I was blinking.

Also, cold feet. I've figured out how to keep every other part of my body comfortable and warm on cold days, but the feet remain a problem. They're expensive, but with as much time as I spend riding in the cold I can't help but think these would be a good idea. Booties take such a beating on the mountain bike anyway...


Absolutely loved my Thursday ride, ten miles on the rails-to-trails to Newville and (ten) back through a snow fall heavy enough to have completely obscured my outbound tracks by the time I made it back to Ship.

I just can't get over it: fresh-fallen snow is just so magical. Let it snow, baby.

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ehyde said...

The Lake's are really really good. Get them 1-2 sizes too big.