Friday, August 31, 2012

Do people get pets because they're not otherwise getting enough (human) affection?

I suspect this is true. (I'm fairly confident that, in our cultural context at least, there are few human beings that get enough affection...)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

cipo at it again

One of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen:

But I still want one. ;-)

(Thanks goes to these dudes for the tip.)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 mid-year race wrap-up

Warning:  This is totally a self-indulgent post.  It's the kind of thing that if I were to read on another's blog I'd click away quickly between dry heaves.  So, if someone else's self-indulgence is not your thing (and what blog isn't self-indulgent, really?), click away now.  Please.
Last year I posted a mid-year race resume that, despite a fine win and a feel-good third, I described as a resume of mediocrity.  Looking back, I'm not sure that was fair.  Those two results alone, well, they still stand out in the memory as fine finishes.  I mean, let's be clear: I race to win.  So when a win comes, regardless of the race, it's a success.
But this year has been even better.  USAC says a 3-to-2 upgrade takes 25 points, but that 40 points is an automatic upgrade (in a 12 month period).  In the 15 weeks (10 events) between March 10 and June 17 I racked up 47 points.  Last year over the same period I raced 13 events and earned 13 points.
Anyway, here's the resume (recorded for posterity, and not because I'm faster than you...but, if you didn't upgrade this summer, I might be):

3.10  Grant's Tomb          3 only  3rd       ~100            4 pts
3.17  Philly Phlyer         3-4     dnf
4.01  Morgantown RR         3-4     2nd       59 (48 3's)     6 pts
4.14  Battenkill            3 only  20th      107           
4.22  Fort Ritchie Classic  3 only  2nd       12              3 pts
4.29  Prospect Park CR      3-4     2nd       50+ (> 50 3's)  4 pts
5.05  Turkey Hill           3-4     35th      ~100                    
5.12  Poolesville RR        3 only  26th      ~70      
5.28  Killington SR         3 only  6th (GC)  80+             10 pts
6.17  Tour of Wash Co       3-4     1st (GC)  70+ (> 50 3's)  20 pts
Since the upgrade, I've raced once.
7.07  Allan Butler Memorial 1-2-3   5th       20+             1 pt
I won't lie, I feel pretty good about this resume.  And that GC win?  Well, that was awesome.  (Also, I know I would have had a top 10 at Battenkill without the mechanical problems.)
The problem, however, is that the Cat 3 field has been such a comfortable place to hang out.  I doubt I'll say the same of the 2 field in a couple of years.  Sigh... 
Thank goodness for masters.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WADA v. McQuaid...

This ("WADA chief rebukes McQuaid's attempt to assume Armstrong jurisdiction") makes me happy.  Or at least satisfied. 

Clearly McQuaid has something to hide.  Either to save his own butt or that of Hein Verbruggen.  It's the same thing, really.

Verbruggen...  What an enigma.  I suppose it's a bit narrow-minded of me, but it's hard for me to trust a businessperson-turned-sports-federation-administrator.  The biography reeks of an ugly quest for personal power.  It's hard to believe he's not a small, petty person.  The kind of person that holds a grudge.  Who sees organizational power as a means for personal gain.  And that, you know, is what "corruption" means.