Tuesday, August 30, 2011

crank brothers comes through

Last fall I bought a new pair of Eggbeater 3s. By early summer the bearings in one pedal had completely seized, to the point of not being able to turn the pedal with my hand, and only barely with a foot clipped in.

So about a month ago I sent them back to Crank Brothers with a description of the problem. Just now I opened a package to discover my pedals, rebuilt and as good as new. All I had to pay was shipping to one way.

Good on Crank Brothers.


So I've been pretty weak with the blog lately. Most readers won't care, but every now and then someone comments on it, lamenting my inactivity. That feels good, at least.

Anyway, I hope to pick things up again. I've a new camera on the to-buy list, and that might give me more to blog. And then last night I booked my trip to Interbike, so I'm hoping to blog a bit of that while I'm there. At least a post a day. So there's that. To look forward to. If you're the type that looks forward to such things.

I am.

And I'm excited!