Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 mid-year race wrap-up

Warning:  This is totally a self-indulgent post.  It's the kind of thing that if I were to read on another's blog I'd click away quickly between dry heaves.  So, if someone else's self-indulgence is not your thing (and what blog isn't self-indulgent, really?), click away now.  Please.
Last year I posted a mid-year race resume that, despite a fine win and a feel-good third, I described as a resume of mediocrity.  Looking back, I'm not sure that was fair.  Those two results alone, well, they still stand out in the memory as fine finishes.  I mean, let's be clear: I race to win.  So when a win comes, regardless of the race, it's a success.
But this year has been even better.  USAC says a 3-to-2 upgrade takes 25 points, but that 40 points is an automatic upgrade (in a 12 month period).  In the 15 weeks (10 events) between March 10 and June 17 I racked up 47 points.  Last year over the same period I raced 13 events and earned 13 points.
Anyway, here's the resume (recorded for posterity, and not because I'm faster than you...but, if you didn't upgrade this summer, I might be):

3.10  Grant's Tomb          3 only  3rd       ~100            4 pts
3.17  Philly Phlyer         3-4     dnf
4.01  Morgantown RR         3-4     2nd       59 (48 3's)     6 pts
4.14  Battenkill            3 only  20th      107           
4.22  Fort Ritchie Classic  3 only  2nd       12              3 pts
4.29  Prospect Park CR      3-4     2nd       50+ (> 50 3's)  4 pts
5.05  Turkey Hill           3-4     35th      ~100                    
5.12  Poolesville RR        3 only  26th      ~70      
5.28  Killington SR         3 only  6th (GC)  80+             10 pts
6.17  Tour of Wash Co       3-4     1st (GC)  70+ (> 50 3's)  20 pts
Since the upgrade, I've raced once.
7.07  Allan Butler Memorial 1-2-3   5th       20+             1 pt
I won't lie, I feel pretty good about this resume.  And that GC win?  Well, that was awesome.  (Also, I know I would have had a top 10 at Battenkill without the mechanical problems.)
The problem, however, is that the Cat 3 field has been such a comfortable place to hang out.  I doubt I'll say the same of the 2 field in a couple of years.  Sigh... 
Thank goodness for masters.

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