Monday, October 17, 2011

cross is boss

How can you not love this stuff?

I'll tell you how. When you drive 2.5 hours to a race and the officials stop it a half lap in, later to cancel your field altogether. Yup, that's how.

I mean, some dudes were hurt pretty bad in a pileup almost right as we started, at least one had to be airlifted out, and you get all sort of weird feeling when someone gets hurt that bad, but, you know, you still walk away feeling empty and gyped (yup, i used _that_ word) for not getting to race and the promoter not being willing to put you in another race or refund...anything.

So, yeah, that's when I don't totally love this stuff...

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sd said...

Are you going with the long hair, porter rockwell look or is the photo deceiving