Monday, February 14, 2011

Ist das ein Wetterchen! says its 52 degrees right now. It's outstanding.

On my walk to work this morning it was warm enough that I had to take my jacket off. Wunderbar!


Also on my walk to work... As there was a strong headwind, and my hair was still wet, I got to thinking about high school, when my hair was fairly long, and that my preferred way of drying it was to put my head out the window of my little maroon truck on my way to wherever I was going. Like a dog. And about that enthusiastic about life too.

Oh to be young. You have everything of any value in life...except money and brains.

It's the smell of spring that brings about these sentimentalities. Someone shut me up before I'm forced to punch myself.

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UtRider said...

Shut up. I still have 2 months left in my ski season and want as much powder as possible. Speaking of which, did you ever book flights?