Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'10 worlds


What a great race. I was on pins and needles. And the camera
work didn't help... I mean, had I known that the Cadel chase group was just about to be swallowed by the peloton (maybe they didn't know either) then maybe I wouldn't have gotten all worked up about it, but I seriously thought Gilbert was going to take it. And I didn't know until I was watching that chase, but I was totally cheering for a Cuddles repeat. How awesome would have that been?

But how awesome was it?! I mean, this dude IS a champion!!

Anyway... So glad I was awake at 1:00 am Sunday morning and found a video feed so that I could watch the last lap or so of the race. Action-packed and super exciting.

Gilbert's a stud. He deserved the win. I hope he gets one eventually. But Cuddles put in a tremendous effort as well. I wish everyone raced as hard as he does. I mean, do you remember this?

(A hint: 2010 Giro, Stage 7.)

Let's hope Hushovd brings as much honor to the rainbow stripes with standout performances on the cobbles come April.

2010 has been a good year to be a pro cycling fan. Long live the hard men and the races that make them.

(As always, the best race photos are on cyclingtips. I don't know how that dude gets his pics, but they're amazing. Thanks, dude.)

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KanyonKris said...

I watched the last half hour of the race on Universal. It truly was exciting.

Not sure if it was bad or good camera work, but when they pack suddenly engulfed the break I felt a physical shock. And it happened more than once.

I wanted Gilbert to steal it, but my mind said his 3 minute gap would not stand the onslaught of the pack.

Cadel worked hard and smart - tried to play the game. I wanted him to repeat.

But Hushovd's sprint was a thing of beauty and raw power. A well earned victory, Thor.