Thursday, June 24, 2010

do the deaf dance?

This has me fascinated. And jealous.

I love that her signing is a kind of dance. Awesome.


In other news, I've been playing a little tennis lately, which has prompted me to buy a racquet. It came today: Wilson BLX Surge.

As it turns out, the racquet led me to YouTube...because, you know, racquet = guitar...and I needed something inspiring to play.

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Mindy said...

I know - the deaf community has always fascinated me. Did you know my major was Deaf Ed my first year in college? Then I moved. But have you ever been to a deaf dance? It's deafening - no pun intended. They turn up the music really loud so that they can feel the vibrations in their feet.
Music is the hardest thing to interpret because there are so many thing to convey to those who can't hear it. That interpreter did a super-good job.