Thursday, May 27, 2010

my racist lawnmower

Yesterday, my racist lawnmower stopped mid-way through the job. It was done. Wouldn't work.

After walking away for a couple of hours (things like this are prone to throw me into fits of rage which, later, are embarassing), I confronted the lawnmower with a fist full of tools. And this is the important part:

I took it apart, diagnosed the problem, fixed the problem, and put it back together. It started on the second pull.

This pencil-necked PhD may make a living at the chalk and key boards, but I can also fix a lawnmower.

Yes. Yes, I can. (Even a racist one.)


mrsmith said...

So, what is it that makes your lawnmower racist?

goat said...

That's what everyone wants to know...

Trust me, it's racist.

MTN said...

On fixing your mower:

(And I would also like to know why it is racist. I already suspected that it was sexist.)