Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the january thaw

We've had some dee-lite-ful weather in south-central lately (when it's 40 degrees and partly sunny and you're calling it good weather, you know it's been pretty miserable) and its put me in a good mood. I'll ride when it's 20 or 25 degrees, but I enjoy it much, much more in the 35-45 degree range.


The thaw made skiing last Friday really nice. Even at night it stayed warm enough to keep the snow soft and moving nicely under my boards with each turn. And the squats are paying off... Each year it seems to take a little longer to get my ski legs back. (Not that you need much of a leg for our hills around here, but, still, a tele turn is a tele turn, and even after just 500 feet of vertical you can feel the burn.)


Locals, mark your calendars for Saturday, February 13 and Saturday, February 20. There are special events planned.

2/13: la course de l'arbre et cultive

2/20: the tour of south mountain

Cue sheets will be provided. Awards for the fastest and slowest finishers.

Ah yeah! Let the bike games begin.

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Mark said...

Now that you have your ski legs under you I think it's time for a quick trip to Utah. Paul will be arriving next Thursday night and riding Friday and Saturday, departing Saturday evening. You should consider doing the same...