Thursday, December 3, 2009

warming my feet by the fire

I love owning a fireplace. So. Much.

I also love little girls that swipe their daddy's iPhone to snap a surprise candid (a surprise when I looked through the camera roll days afterward...I wasn't aware of the picture as it was happening).

I'm confident that there is something evolutionarily hard-wired in us to behave with reverence--and perhaps even with adoration, as in worship--towards fire. With its invitation indoors the quality of my life has increased meaningfully.


KingM said...

This post hints at the problem I have with CF lights. As environmentally sound as they are, they suck compared to incandescent light bulbs. The glow of an incandescent bulb hints at the pleasures of sitting around a campfire. It's hard to replace that.

vfg said...

I very much enjoyed having my 10pm pancakes by that fire.
thanks, sugah.

cfm said...

Oh I love Fireplaces too... wishing I had one at the University Village but feeling happy about writing my thesis by one in IF!

Looks like you are having fun!

Chuck said...

Hey Goat -

I've quite enjoyed reading your frequent blog updates, but I am a bit disappointed you haven't updated in awhile. When can I expect to see a new post?

Cheers, your avid follower, supporter, and biggest fan-