Thursday, November 5, 2009

health care (overdrive)

About a year ago I wrote about this woman, who I at the time described as mildly insane. She's in the news again...

...stirring up others who, at worst, may also be delusional, but, more charitably, are probably better described as naive or uninformed. You can read about it in The Times here.

My favorite bit:

"Ms. Garloch, like many in the crowd who while visibly angry, could not articulate the main problems in the health care system or how they should be solved."

And that really about sums it up, doesn't it? A lot of people mad about...well, mad, but they can't say really what about.


"Mr. Hershberger, like many of the demonstrators, repeated some of the most common conservative and Republican talking points heard repeatedly on Fox News. 'It’s not bipartisan,' he said, standing outside the Capitol wearing a Texas Longhorns baseball cap. 'They are doing it behind closed doors.' He added: 'It’s going to drive us into a super-deficit.'"

Ah... Now I understand a little better. They're mad because someone else was mad. Or mad because they were told they should be mad.

"Asked what he thought about the three-month effort by Senator Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana, work with Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee to draft a bipartisan bill, Mr. Hershberger dismissed it, saying the resulting legislation proved the process had failed. 'It doesn’t reflect what we want,' he said."


With a crowd like that (angry, active, committed, non-thinking folks), there's no wonder Michele Bachmann's at the podium. These are her people!


Paul said...

My favorite part was this, "Nearby, Representative Virginia Foxx, Republican of North Carolina, who recently said the Democrats’ health care legislation was more frightening to her than terrorists, worked the crowd, shaking hands and offering warm greetings." If she's no longer worried about terrorists, perhaps we could take all of the money spent in that arena and put it toward healthcare? I think she makes my mildly insane list...

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Alex said...

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Jeremy said...

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goat said...

Alex: Creepy.

Jeremy: the trouble with that comment (and the format, really) is that I have absolutely no idea how to take it.

But, yes. Indeed I have.

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