Wednesday, April 1, 2009

another from the vault

From the 2006 Roan Groan RR.

That was a fun race, but then we had to ride nearly the whole 40 miles back to the start (and our car), Josh got all mad at me on the way because I misunderstood where someone had offered to pick us up and he had to come chasing back after me, and after all that riding we were then both pretty fried for the TT in the afternoon.

I also remember eating copious amounts of Josh's almonds on the way home. And that I brought my computer along to do some dissertation writing in the car. Yeah, like that was going to happen.

Bike racing memories. All the more reason to do more bike racing. :-)


UtRider said...

Let's make some skiing memories. The snow is going to be awesome on Saturday. Lift ticket is one me. Perhaps we can even work out a partially subsidized airline ticket...

Josh said...

You bring a tear to my eye. That race was tough but not as hard as the TT later on in the day.