Thursday, October 16, 2008

barack hussein obama

The most emailed NYTimes story of the week. It's a goody.


About the debate last night, everyone (I should have several links here, but I'm too lazy) seems to think McCain came out ahead. But I'll tell you what I saw: an old man with a misguided sense of entitlement getting increasingly cranky about the fact that he's going to lose this election (after _finally_ getting oh-so-close) to a young upstart with such an un-American sounding name.

It's too bad. A year ago I had positive feelings towards McCain. Now, not so much.

Unfortunately, McCain's place in history will forever be that of the man who tried to keep the first black president of the United States from becoming the first black president. A milestone chapter in the progressive history of the country is being written, and the McCain/Palin parts will forever be that of the ineffectual villains.

Which part will you play? ;-)


UtRider said...

Given all the talk of Palin's reputation as a "reformer" and somebody who fights "corruption" I'm suprised she hasn't had the courage and conscience to reject the crap her handlers are asking her to say/do. Thus far she has been nothing more than a puppet.

Last night Alder was having a hard time sleeping and kept sneaking into the front room where Cami and I were watching the debate (we'd recorded it so it was after 9 pm). At one point I asked him who he liked to which he responded "Obama". Funny how even an 8 year old is turned off by McCain.

M.T. Nagel said...

The McCain of the charity dinner the day after the debate is the likable maverick of yore. His campaign coaches are largely to blame. Even so, when I think of Barack's momentum, it reminds me of a shirt I saw in Brazil that said: "CAN'T STOP THAT ATOM SPIRIT."

M.T. Nagel said...

UTRIDER - Alder is a great name.