Monday, August 4, 2008

feeling so much better

Thanks for all the well-wishing. About 24 hours after taking my first dose of Doxycycline I was feeling tremendously better. Though the treatment is hardly simple--I think it's a 21 day antibiotic cycle, which is at least twice as long as anything I've ever had before.


Stories I've heard from others about Lyme disease:

(1) Lyme disease is the consequence of some kind of biological weaponry experiment gone bad.

(2) An acquaintance (of the person telling me the story) failed to complete his antibiotic cycle, the stuff came back, and now he's pretty bad off. (Though it's not clear what was meant by "pretty bad off.")


I piddled around a couple of times last week on the mountain bike, then got out for a 68-mile road ride on Saturday (down to Chambersburg, Apple Way west to Fort Loudon then up to Cowan's Gap...north on 75 to Fannetsville, over the mountain (two mountains) to Upper Strasburg and back home). I felt better than I had in, well, a month. Even with so little riding of late. Remarkable.

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Robyn said...

I ran across your blog and read your post about feeling better and I was so glad to see that. I've had Lyme Disease for 17 years and it's so uplifting to me too see someone who also has lyme and is feeling well.. Thanks for posting! :)