Wednesday, November 21, 2007

winding up the cross season

Three more events in the next three weeks:

MABRAcrosss Championships
Carlisle Cross, MAC #5
Wonderland Crosss, Pennsylvania Championship

Then the long season is over. And I will rest.


Scott said...

3rd place in the Men's C field is a pretty nice finish. How do you feel about the performance?

goat said...

Are you talking about my results from a while ago or just this last weekend?

The third I scored in my first CX race I felt good about. My result this past weekend not so much. I decided to race the C field one last time because I wanted to win a race. That I didn't is a considerable disappointment.

Scott said...

I was asking about this most recent race. Sorry it turned into a disappointment for you. So are you forced by experience to move up to the B field, or just your own desire to improve?
Reading previous accounts of races, I figured that your placing 3rd this weekend meant that your race strategy with starts, turns and attacks is coming together.