Thursday, September 13, 2007


Although I've now lived in Shippensburg for a year, for some reason I've neither ridden nor driven the section of State Route 233 between Mount Alto and US Route 30, though I've ridden and driven US Route 30 several times, and ridden and driven to or past Mount Alto several times.

Anyway, yesterday's route took me along that section of road for the first time, from the south northward, and it was a remarkably nice place to ride a bike. From Mount Alto the climbing begins immediately, but it's my kind of climb--a long and relatively shallow graded climb. If you're feeling good, big ring climbing. Like King's Gap, or most of the South Mountain climb from the Shippensburg side.

And what a great day to be riding in the mountains. Temperatures were in the mid 70s in the valley, maybe a degree or two cooler back in the woods. Rides on days like yesterday are why I'm a cyclist.

The route: Ship to Mount Alto via White Church Rd, Mt Pleasant Rd, and Mt Alto Rd. From Mount Alto, State Route 233 north past Caledonia, South Mountain, and nearly to Pine Grove Furnace. From there back over the ridge and southwest to Ship via Pine Rd and Walnut Bottom Rd. Total ride time: 3:20.

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Scott said...

Have you been able to break open your hub and fix your powertap yet? Or are you back to training in the stone age for a while?