Friday, March 9, 2007


Here is a list of things I've felt are post-worthy, but because the content of the posts would be greatly enhanced by pictures, and I've been too lazy to take pictures, I haven't made the posts.

(1) A few days ago I got a new saddle. One of those sexy little sella italia SLR numbers. (I'll let you know how it goes.)

(2) I bought a torque wrench. This move was immediately motivated by wanting to replace my current Ultegra crankset & BB with a new SRAM Rival crankset & BB (sitting in its package in my basement collecting dust). I understand that getting the tension just right on these new-fangled integrated bottom brackets is critical, thus the necessity of getting a torque wrench prior to installation. Also, my over-cranking the seatpost binder in the past likely contributed to this, an experience I'd rather not repeat when I get a new carbon seatpost.

Anyway, owning a torque wrench is pretty cool. If you're suffering from a mild sense of unmanliness, I recommend purchasing a torque wrench. It's a quick cure.

(3) As mentioned above, I thick I gotta replace the hard-as-a-rock aluminum seatpost I'm currently riding. That seatpost coupled with my super stiff compact aluminum frame is just too much for my tender arse. However, since I just put on the new saddle, I want to ride a bit with that change alone--isolating variables to get a better sense of how I feel about the changes.

See, all items whose discussion would have been significantly enhanced by a photo or two.

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Ian said...

The SLR saddle is nice, but it has no real suspension or padding to remedy an already stiff frame and seatpost. IMO the Flite Gel has the same general profile, weighs more and offers some relief from any overly stiff ride. The SLR is definitely cooler looking, though.