Monday, February 5, 2007

the 5th down

Since you can hardly not talk about the Super Bowl today, I'd like to share my favorite post-Super Bowl analysis/read/whatever--Virginia Heffernan's (isn't that the surname of the couple on King of Queens? is that intentional irony?) contribution to the The 5th Down.

Read it here. (Remember to start from the bottom.)

I read stuff like this and come to two realizations: (1) I'm a terrible writer and (2) I'm not even B-level culturally savvy enough to appreciate how clever this girl is.

It's a long way between Cumberland Co., PA and NYC, NY.

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KingM said...

Look, there will always be a better writer than you. Just write about what interests you and I promise it will be interesting to someone.

BTW, that goat *does* look a little bit like you.